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  1. St. Patrick’s Feast: Irish Beef Stew and Colcannon Recipe

    March 20, 2012 by Varga László


    The Irish Beef Stew

    • 1 kg beef shank/leg, cut into cubes
    • 200 g ham / bacon
    • 3 tablespoons olive oil
    • 12 small onions
    • 400 g whole button mushrooms
    • 3 carrots, cut into quarters
    • salt and ground black pepper
    • 1 tablespoons chopped thyme
    • 2 tablespoons chopped parsley
    • 10 cloves of garlic, crushed
    • 500 ml red wine
    • 50g butter
    • 2 tablespoons flour


    • 50 g butter,
    • 1.5 kg potatoes
    • 1 cup milk
    • fresh ground black pepper
    • 1 head cabbage
    • 200 g ham / bacon
    • 4 green onions chopped finely
    • parsley leaves, for garnishing

    Preparation method:

    Beef Stew

    1. Dice the beef and bacon into 2 cm cubes.
    2. In a large pot with a little olive oil, brown the beef and bacon.
    3. In another pan with some olive oil brown the whole onions, then add to the pot with beef.
    4. Then in the same pan slightly fry the mushrooms and carrots, then add these too to the stew pot.
    5. Fill the pot with wine and water until all ingredients are cover with liquid.
    6. Add the chopped parsley and thyme, chopped garlic, season with salt and pepper.
    7. Simmer for about 1 hour, until the meat is tender.
    8. In a different pan, make the roux, by adding the flour to the melted butter, Cook for two minutes.
    9. When the stew is cooked, remove the meat and vegetables, leaving only the liquid.
    10. Add the roux to the stew’s liquid, whisk and boil about 1-2 minute, until thickens to the desired consistency.
    11. Return the meat and vegetables to the pot and stir gently.


    1. Cook the potatoes in their skins for 30 minutes.
    2. Peel the potatoes and mash them thoroughly until lump free.
    3. Add the 1/2 of the butter and gradually the hot milk, stirring all the time. Season with salt and pepper.
    4. Shred the cabbage leaves and cook them in unsalted water until becoming darker green. Add the remaining butter and cover with lid for 2 minutes to tenderize it.
    5. Drain thoroughly before returning it to the pan. Chop into small pieces.
    6. Put the ham cubes and green onions  in a large pan and fry them slightly for a minute.
    7. Add cabbage, scallions, and ham to mashed potatoes, stirring them in gently.
    Serve on every plate a bit of stew and colcannon on the side. Garnish with parsley leaves.