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  1. Oven Roasted Kid with Vegetables Recipe

    May 8, 2012 by Varga László

    Ingredients (4 persons):

    • 1 kid (goatling) leg about 2 kg
    • salt, pepper to taste
    • 2-3 teaspoons hot paprika
    • 200-300 g carrots
    • 200 g parsley roots
    • 500 g new potatoes (or if you don’t find these, smaller potatoes)
    • 4 stalk green garlic
    • 200 g button (champignon) mushrooms
    • 1 stalk leek
    • 1 bunch red orach (Atriplex hortensis as its Latin name)
    • 200 g urdă cheese (fresh white sheep cheese – but you can use other fresh cheeses)
    • 200 g sour creme
    • 1 small red chili pepper


    Preparation Method:

    1. Wash thoroughly the kid leg, then pat it dry with paper towels. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and hot paprika the leg on both sides then place it into an ovenproof dish.
    2. Wash the new potatoes, then place them in the above mentioned dish, together with 2 tablespoons of oil and some salt.
    3. Chop 2 stalk of green garlic, scatter over the content of the dish. Place the dish in the preheated oven at 140C.
    4. Meanwhile, clean the carrot and parsley roots and cut them into 4-5 cm pieces.
    5. After about 1 hour of roasting in the oven, add the cut carrots and parsley roots to the oven dish and roast for one more hour.
    6. After that, wash and clean the mushrooms, chop the leek into 1-2 cm slices, add them into the oven dish and roast for another 50 minutes.
    7. Chop the remaining green garlic, wash the orach leaves and add them to the oven, cook for another 5-10 minutes until the leaves are wilted.
    8. While all the roasting process, prepare the cheese sauce: In a bowl, crumble with a fork the cheese.
    9. Slice thinly half of the hot chili, add to the cheese  bowl together with the sour creme and some salt to taste. Stir the well until smooth and lump free.
    10. Remove the roasting dish from the oven and let about 10 minute to cool a bit down.
    11. Serve hot some pieces of kid, together with roasted vegetables, few wilted orach leaves and a tablespoon of cheese sauce.