Šaltibarščiai – Lithuanian Pink Cold Beet Soup Recipe

Šaltibarščiai is one of the defining Lithuanian dishes, but also for the neighbouring Latvians who call it Aukstā zupa.
It means literally cold borscht, made with kefir, if you cannot find kefir you can replace it with buttermilk.
As most Lithuanian dishes, this too is accompanied by potatoes.
First I ate it when Latvian guests prepared this delicacy for an evening with friends.
The second time I have tasted when travelling in the Baltic countries last year, in Klaipeda, yumminess in a saucer, great for hot summer days.
Last days I had some guests, of which Indre, Lithuanian girl from Vilnius. Both with her and her boyfriend, Markus, we had a great time and from one thing to another, we ended up preparing this amazing cold soup, under her supervision 😀.
Below is her recipe:

Ingredients ( 6 servings):

  • 500 g potatoes
  • 500 g beetroots
  • 2 l kefir
  • 1 bunch of green onions (about 5)
  • 1 bunch of parsley leaves
  • 1 bunch of dill
  • 3-4 large cucumbers
  • 6 eggs
  • salt to taste

Preparation method:

  1. Boil the potatoes with skins on. After they are boiled skin them and cut each of them in 4.
  2. Slice the cucumbers in half lengthwise, then each one again twice lengthwise. Cut all of these quartered cucumbers in 2 mm slices.
  3. Chop the parsley leaves and dill.
  4. Cut the green parts of green onions into 1 cm pieces.
  5. Pour the kefir in a large pot to hold all ingredients.
  6. Grate the beetroots directly into the kefir pot, stir from time to time to check if you reached the desired pinkish colour.
  7. Boil the eggs hard.
  8. Add the chopped greens – dill, parsley, cucumbers and green onions, and stir them gently into the soup. Add salt to taste.
  9. Add the soup to the fridge to cool down for at least half an hour.
  10. Serve the soup in bowls, on top cut the hard-boiled eggs into smaller pieces and sprinkle some extra chopped green leaves.
    On a separate small plate beside serve some of the boiled potatoes.