Tripe Soup – Romanian Recipe

   Tripe Soup - Romanian Recipe   Tripe Soup - Romanian RecipeIngredients (12-15 servings) :

  • 1,5 kg beef tripe cleaned and precooked
  • 2 slices of beef shank
  • 500 g heavy cream
  • 6 egg yolks
  • 100 g pickled red bell peppers
  • 4-5 teaspoons vinegar
  • a big garlic bulb
  • 4 big onions
  • 3 large carrots
  • 1/2 celery root
  • 4-5 bay leaves
  • Black peppercorns and salt to taste

Preparation method:

  1. Place the tripe pieces and beef shanks in the boiling water in the pot/kettle. If the tripe is not precooked, you should cook it first 15 minutes, discard the water and slice them into 1 cm slices.Tripe Soup - Romanian Recipe
  2. Clean the onions but leave them a piece
  3. Add to the boiling soup the bay leaves, cleaned carrots, celery and onions. Add salt and pepper to taste.Tripe Soup - Romanian Recipe
  4. Let it cook for about 2 hours until the tripe is cooked and tender.Tripe Soup - Romanian Recipe
  5. Meanwhile, chop the garlic. Slice thinly the pickled red bell peppers.Tripe Soup - Romanian Recipe
  6. When the tripe is cooked remove the pot/kettle from the fire.
  7. In a bowl, whisk together the egg yolks and the heavy cream until homogeneous. Add to the bowl the chopped garlic and give it another whiskTripe Soup - Romanian Recipe
  8. Add to the soup pot – removed already from the fire – the egg-cream-garlic mix and the bell pepper slices.
  9. Stir them all together and let it rest for 10 minutes for the aromas to intertwine.
  10. Serve the soup while still hot and decorate with parsley leaves.