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First Post

2011/12/16 by Varga László

This is my first post, in my first blog, so i’m taking it easy 😉


I finally made the step of creating my own blog, a culinary one, at the advice of many friends of mine.

The language of choice was eventually English, although it is not my native  tongue, but I can reach a wider reader basis. (I hope so at least :P)

I will post articles about my recipes, but also any other stuff I consider to be related with cooking an food.


So enjoy! or Bon apetit! 😉


  1. David Head says:

    I think you’ve done well setting this blog up. the picture are great.can you get more cake things on it and pastries,they always go down well.Also this is very easy to follow .Great job
    Kind Regards
    David Head

  2. Muhammad Raheel says:

    awsome,recipe are great pics are good, very helpful

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